Elderly Driver in Maine Causes Triple Fatality Accident

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August 27th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Head on Collision Elderly Driver in Maine Causes Triple Fatality AccidentDedham, ME- We’ve all been on the road when a car is slowly creeping in front of us only to find an elderly driver behind the wheel. Being an elderly driver doesn’t necessarily mean a driver is going to cause an accident. But, with the exception of a teens, seniors over the age of 70 are involved in more car accidents than drivers in the middle of the age spectrum.

Recently in Dedham, Maine, an elderly driver lost control of his vehicle and slammed head-on into another vehicle, killing himself and two others, the Bangor Daily News reported.

According to the police report, Richard Olson, 85, was driving along Route 1-A when for some unknown reason he crossed the centerline and struck an oncoming truck head-on. Police said there is no evidence that either driver braked before the collision.

Olson and both occupants of the truck Phillip Carter, 32, and Roxanne Papken, 25, were all killed in the collision.

Police suspect Olson, a former Mayor of Des Moines, Iowa, possibly drifted out of his lane and overcorrected sending his vehicle across and median and into the opposite lanes where he stuck the truck head-on. They are

Police are unclear if Olson’s age played a role in the crash, statistics show that older drivers have a higher fatal accident rate than most drivers, other than teens. According to Nok-Noi Ricker of the Bangor Daily News out of the 1 million license drivers in the Maine, 20 percent are over the age of 65. The National Traffic safety Administration says older drivers accounted for 15 percent of fatal traffic accidents and 18 percent of pedestrian fatalities in 2008.

Regardless of the age of the driver, accident victims need to be compensated for their emotional distress and physical pain.

While some accidents are minor and cause little damage to victim’s person or property, there are many accidents that result in debilitating injuries. Injuries incurred because a car accident can leave a person disabled or facing months of rehabilitation. Emergency room visits, surgeries, medications, doctor appointments can be costly, often leaving the victim saddle with thousands of dollars in medical debts.

Regardless of the driver’s age, if you’ve been involved in a serious traffic accident you need a Maine accident attorney working for you. They know how to conduct a thorough investigation to build a strong injury claim that will result in a generous settlement.

If you want to pursue and injury suit against an at-fault driver, you have a couple of options. You can settle with an insurer in pre-trial negotiations. Or, you can take your case to court. The route you choose depends on the extent or your injuries, the potential you will experience medical problems in the future and the egregious behavior on behalf of  the driver, to name a few.

Before making any decision about how to pursue a wrongful death or personal injury claim, you need to speak with a gifted Maine accident attorney. Your best interests are their top priority and they will work tirelessly to assure you get a just settlement either through negotiations or civil action.

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Iowa Accident News: Two Teens Die in Two-Vehicle Accident

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August 26th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Traffic Accident 300x225 Iowa Accident News: Two Teens Die in Two Vehicle Accident Des Moines, IA- Teen drivers, lacking the experience of their older counterparts, are three times more likely to be involved in a fatal traffic accident according to data from the CDC. This statistic bore out over the weekend when two teens were killed and another critically injured in a two car collision.

The accident occurred in just after 1 a.m. Saturday morning in Sac County, Iowa. The Sioux City Journal reported that Baily Jacobson, 16, was traveling north on Birch Ave. As she entered an intersection at the Carroll County and Sac County line, her Impala was broadsided on the passenger side by a westbound pickup truck, driven by Trevor Feauto, 17.

Upon impact, Jacobsen’s Impala was pushed into a nearby field. When emergency crews arrived both Jacobsen and her passenger Lindsey Quirk, 16, were deceased.

Police found Feauto’s truck on its side in ditch north of the intersection, the Sioux City Journal reported. He was taken to the hospital where he was in critical condition.

The investigation is ongoing and so far police have not charged anyone with the collision.

The area where the accident took places runs between farm fields and has no stop signs or traffic signals so it appears the one of the drivers could have failed to yield the right of way. In similar accidents, the driver who failed to yield the right of way could be considered negligent and could responsible for their victim or victims’ accident-related expenses.

It’s very difficult on a family to have one of their loved ones killed in accident. It is especially painful when it is a child or teen who has their whole lives ahead of them. There’s so much lost potential and companionship. If the injury victim is a primary breadwinner, their loved ones could face financial hardship and crippling debt. Although these injuries aren’t physical, they are nonetheless painful for accident victims. Our Iowa accident attorneys understand the struggles accident victims and their families face.

Each year, an estimated 2,700 teens are killed in collisions and an additional 282,000 are injured. Because they are novice drivers, who tend to be overly confident, teens lack the skills to handle emergent situations on the road, and often engage in risky behaviors, such as drunken driving or texting behind the wheel.

For the most part no drive, no matter what their age, intends to cause a devastating collision, but when they driver recklessly; drive while intoxicated or fail to pay attention to the road, they are liable for any resulting injuries. This means legally and financially.

They may face legal charges but that doesn’t address the harm caused to their victims. If you are in pain and need help getting the compensation you need, don’t hesitate to contact our Iowa accident attorneys. They are willing to guide you through the process of filing an injury claim and take the steps necessary to assure your case results in a generous settlement.

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Texas Man Dead in Motorcycle Accident

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August 25th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Motorcycle Crash Graphic 300x225 Texas Man Dead in Motorcycle Accident Brownsville, TX- Motorcyclist love nothing more than getting on their bikes and going for a ride. Thousands of Americans are avid motorcyclists despite the dangers they face on the roads. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration estimates that 78 percent of motorcycle accidents are head on collisions primarily caused by drivers of passenger vehicles, such is the case of a recent Texas accident that left one man dead.

On Saturday, August 23rd, police responded to an accident involving a passenger car and motorcycle in a Houston neighborhood. When they arrived, according to the Observer, they found the lifeless body of a 61 year-old man.

Police initially believed the motorcyclist lost control, but, during the course of their investigation discovered a motorist cut the biker off.

According to the Observe, the driver of a Volkswagen Jetta failed to yield the right of way at stop sign. The Volkswagen struck and pickup truck and then struck the motorcycle. The 61 year-old motorcyclist, who has not been identified was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police have not charged the driver at this time.

Accidents like these happen far too often, leaving motorcyclists with catastrophic injuries and life-altering injuries. Head and spinal injuries are common, so are broken bones, and while these injuries can be somewhat minor resulting in minimal recovery times, too many motorcycle accidents result in debilitating injuries that require multiple surgeries, long recovery times, inability to work and diminished quality of life. Some motorcycle accident victims aren’t lucky enough to survive; motorcyclists are 35 times for likely to die in a traffic collision than a passenger vehicle motorist.

Our Brownsville accident attorneys have years of experiencing with Texas personal injury laws and do what it takes to build solid claim on their behalf. They are devoted to each and every client’s case, and in many cases obtain compensation accident victims need for their:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Disability costs
  • Lost wages
  • Mental anguish

Traffic accident victims are burdened with costly medical bills, which can push a person to the brink of financial ruin. They need to be sure the cost for theirs or a loved one’s injuries won’t come out of their pockets, that the at-fault driver takes responsibility for their negligent actions.

The key to a successful injury claim is proving who was at fault for the victims’ injuries or death. Without legal experience this can be difficult and the victim could be shortchanged on the amount of settlement funds they receive. Injury attorneys are able to evaluate the present and long term costs of a victim’s injuries so they can assure they get the full value of their injury claim.

Any person involved in a serious traffic accident, involving a car or motorcycle, needs to speak with a one of our stellar Texas accident attorneys as soon as they can to discuss their options for getting compensation for their motorcycle or car accident. By acting immediately, an accident victim gives their personal injury attorney time to collect time-sensitive evidence, gather witness testimony and speak with medical personnel.

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Film Company for Gregg Allman Biopic Fined for Crew Member’s Accidental Death

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August 22nd, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Site of Sarah Jones Accident 300x168 Film Company for Gregg Allman Biopic Fined for Crew Member’s Accidental Death Atlanta, GA- The film company working on a biopic featuring rock musician Gregg Allman, has been fined by OSHA for the accidental death of camera assistant Sarah Jones in February of this year.

The Occupational and Safety Hazard Administration cited Film Allman LLC for one willful and one serious safety violation in connection with a fatal accident that killed a camera assistant and injured six others, according to the Miami Herald. OSHA fined the company $74,900

“It is unacceptable that Film Allman LLC knowingly exposed their crew to moving trains while filming on a live track and railroad trestle,” David Michaels, the assistant labor secretary said, according to the Mimi Herald.

On February 20th, members of the film crew were gather on a two-story high railroad trestle crossing the Altamaha River in rural Georgia to capture scenes for “Midnight Rider,” If a train came, the crew members on the track had not where to go besides into the water. And a train did eventually come but the crew members on the tracks couldn’t hear the warnings of the people standing several yards away near the edge of the bridge.

Finally realizing they were in danger, crew members scrambled to get out of the path of the train which was traveling 60 mph. Some of them managed to get out of the way by clinging to the trestle’s girders. Director Randall Miller, lead actor John Hurt, a still photographer and a hairstylist barely escaped being hit by the train, but one crew member was not as fortunate. After the train passed, crew members found the lifeless body of camera assistant Sarah Jones of Atlanta.

Miller and Hurt emerged from the tragedy unscathed, but other crew members suffered injuries from flying debris. A hairstylist suffered a broken arm and several other injuries.

After the accident investigators from local law enforcement, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and OSHA flocked to the scene. In June a grand jury indicted Miller, his wife Jody Savin  and Sedrish with involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass in connection to the accident.

In May, Sarah Jones’ family filed a wrongful death suit alleging that the film crew knew the track were lives and that Executive Producer Jay Sedrish and Miller failed to get permission from CSX to film in that location. Reports say that CSX had previously denied the film company permission to film on the trestle.

The lawsuit alleges the defendants which include Randall Miller, and executive producers Jay Sedrish, Michael Lehman, Jeffrey N. Gant and Don Mandrik, showed “willful misconduct, wantonness, oppression or that entire want of care which raises the presumption of conscious indifference to consequences.”

This tragedy could have been prevented had the people in charge put the safety of their crew above all else, but they didn’t. When someone is harmed or killed because of someone’s reckless disregard either on the road or in the workplace, an Atlanta accident attorney can help that victim get the justice they deserve.

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Louisiana AG Sues State Farm for Questionable Repair Practices for Accident Victims

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August 21st, 2014    Posted in Accident News

car crash 300x225 Louisiana AG Sues State Farm for Questionable Repair Practices for Accident VictimsBaton Rouge, LA- After a lengthy investigation, Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell announced he was filing a suit against State Farm Auto Insurance over the practice of steering auto accident victims to repair shops that use inferior parts and shoddy repair methods.

If you’ve ever been involved in car accident, even if you managed to avoid injury, you probably understand what a difficult process it is to get the compensation you need to repair your vehicle. Since most people don’t retain accident attorneys for car repairs, they trust their insurance company to guide them through the claims process.

In his suit, AG Caldwell accused Louisiana’s largest provider of auto insurance of violating fair trade practices by giving consumers filing an insurance claim that they have no choice in which shop repairs their vehicle. Instead, the suit claims, State Farm steers consumers to shops that have agreed to charge as little as for repairs as possible.

In order to keep repair costs low, the repair shops contracted with State Farm would use parts salvaged from a junkyard or lower quality parts that don’t meet the manufacturer’s safety standards. This was done without the consumer’s approval

Caldwell said the company misled consumers into believing if they didn’t use one of their recommended repair shops, they would have to cover those costs out of their pocket.

Caldwell said that State Farm is not the only auto insurance company to engage in these practices, but since they serve a third of Louisiana’s motorists, he chose to target them. He added that smaller companies “tend to follow the leader.”

For their part, a representative from State Farm told the News Observer that the company but added the allegations in the suit don’t comport with State Farm’s mission to “serve the needs of its customers.”

According to KNOE, Caldwell said, “In some cases, we’ve found that these parts are nothing more than used junkyard parts. In others we’ve found them to be foreign knock-off parts of questionable quality.” He added, “Auto repair is not an industry where you can cut corners to save a little money. It could be a matter of life and death.”

Indeed, a shoddily repaired vehicle can create hazardous situations on the road for all motorists. While the majority of traffic accidents are attributed to driver error, there are a number caused by improperly done repairs, and/or inferior or malfunctioning parts. Add a mechanical failure with a reckless driver and you have a recipe for disaster.

If you have been involved in an auto accident caused by mechanical failure, you should consult with a Louisiana accident attorney to discuss the options you have to recover the various costs you incur because of another motorist’s negligence. When you have an attorney, who is well-versed in state’s personal injury laws, working on your case, you can be assured that the compensation you receive is fair and reflects the extent of the injury and pain you have suffered.

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