Coroner’s Report: Majority of Orland Bus Crash Victims Died of Smoke Inhalation

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July 23rd, 2014    Posted in Accident News

accident2 300x136 Coroner’s Report: Majority of Orland Bus Crash Victims Died of Smoke Inhalation Weed, CA- A new coroner’s report says that 7 out of the ten people who died in April 10 Orland bus crash died of smoke inhalation as flames consumed the wreckage.

The ten people, mostly high school students and their chaperons, were killed when a FedEx tractor-trailer slammed head-on into a chartered bus. For some unknown reason, the driver of the FedEx truck, after striking a car, crossed over a large median into the opposite lanes of traffic where the truck collided with the bus carrying nearly three dozen students scouting a nearby college.

Moments after the crash both the bus and the FedEx truck was engulfed in flames. Many of the passengers on the bus were able to escape the wreckage by busting out windows, but ten people on the bus, including three chaperons and seven students, were unable to get out in time and perished.

A preliminary investigation showed that the truck driver didn’t apply his brakes prior to the collision but the bus driver did. The collision killed both drivers.

Now the coroner’s report indicates that most of the victims, 7 in total, survived the initial impact but died as a result of smoke inhalation caused by the fire, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In the aftermath of the accident, three families filed personal injury and wrongful death suits naming FedEx, the chartered bus company and the bus manufacturer as liable parties. As more lawsuits piled on, 15 in total, all of the injury claims were consolidated into a single lawsuit with one exception, according to the Times.

In the first wrongful death suit to emerge, attorneys claimed that the bus company and the bus manufacturer were culpable because the charter bus did not have enough exits for passengers to escape in the event of an emergency.  The suit also claims that passengers on the bus were not given emergency evacuation instructions which could have saved some of the victims’ lives.

The coroner’s report will further bolster claims that the bus company must take some of the responsibility for the deaths and injuries that resulted.

This case highlights the complexities of personal injury and wrongful death suits when multiple parties must take responsibility for a devastating collision.  California accident attorneys are aware that if you fail to name all the parties responsible for an accident in your lawsuit you could be denied the full settlement amount you are entitled to receive.

When multiple parties are responsible for an accident, they each incur a portion of the resulting injury settlement. The amount each party pays is dependent on their degree of responsibility. For example, in the Orland bus crash it could be argued that since several of the deaths were not caused by the actual crash and were primarily due to the passengers’ inability to escape the coach, the bus company has a greater degree of culpability and must pay a large fraction of the resulting settlement than FedEx.

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Four Children Hurt in Cincinnati Hit-and-run

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July 22nd, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles Four Children Hurt in Cincinnati Hit and runCincinnati, OH- A collision at a red light could have been ended in tragedy for a Cincinnati family when the minivan they were traveling in was struck by a motorist who investigators later learned was intoxicated.

Just after 6:30 p.m. Monday night, a man driving a green BMW rolled up onto a curb on Eden Park Driver at Gilbert Avenue, and broadsided a minivan waiting for the light to change. Witnesses could hear children in the van crying as they watched the driver flee the accident scene on foot.

Four children were taken to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

The driver of the BMW, later identified as Bradley Oerther, 39, was apprehended by police about an hour later in nearby wooded area. According to, Oerther ran between several houses, yelling for help and telling witnesses he was running from police.

Oerther was arrested and now faces a number of charges which include fleeing the scene of an accident, refusing a chemical test and operating a vehicle while intoxicated, reported.

This accident could have been much worse. Fortunately for this Ohio family it wasn’t, but thousands of families across the country aren’t so lucky. Out of the over 10,000 drunk driving fatalities that occur in the U.S. each year, 1,200 of the victims are children.

Losing a loved one, especially a child, can caused unbearable pain for a family. When a family wants justice for the death of their loved one, they can contact a Cincinnati accident attorney to talk about their accident, and see if they should pursue a wrongful death suit. A financial settlement won’t replace a loved one or take away the grief, but it can give a family peace knowing the negligent driver, who caused them some much pain, is being held responsible for their actions.

Not all drunk driving accidents end in fatalities, each year nearly 350,000 people are injured in these types of accidents. Their injuries can range from minor to severe and cost $51 billion each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Given the fact that speeding and other risky behaviors often accompany drunken driving, many accident victims suffer life-altering injuries. Spinal, neck and brain injuries are common, so are broken bones, burns and internal injuries.

Some accident victims quickly recover from their injuries, but there are many who don’t, leaving them with disfigurements, permanent disability and handicaps. Many are unable to work or take care of their basic needs. Seriously injured accident victims may require life-long care and financial support. Their lives will be forever changed because of another person’s callous and negligent actions.

Our Ohio accident attorneys strive to ensure their clients receive the financial support they need to get through this trying time in their life. When you have an aggressive and acclaimed personal injury attorney on your side, you can have confidence you will get the justice you deserve.

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Illinois Off-duty Police Officer Killed in Motorcycle Accident

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July 21st, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Motorcycle Crash Graphic 300x225 Illinois Off duty Police Officer Killed in Motorcycle Accident Lake County, IL- Riding a motorcycle is a favored past time of many Americans, but this popular activity comes with risks. Primarily, the risk of being involved in a traffic collision causing serious injury or death to the biker. Such is the case of an off-duty Illinois police officer, who was killed Sunday when he was struck by a motorist.

Illinois State Police said Officer Tito Rodriguez, 28, was traveling southbound on the Dan Ryan Expressway around 2 p.m. Sunday when he was struck by a motorist. According to the reports, a man driving a Pontiac Coupe made an abrupt lane change in front of Rodriguez’s motorcycle, NBC Chicago reported.

Rodriguez was unable to stop in time and slammed into the rear of the Pontiac. Rodriguez was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on the scene. Police said Rodriguez was not wearing a helmet, according to NBC Chicago.

The driver of the Pontiac, 50 year-old Dennis Anderson, stayed on the scene and cooperated with police. He was cited for improper lane change and not having valid insurance.

This accident can serve as reminder of the numerous ways motorists cause death or injury to motorcyclists. In the case of this accident, the motorist made an erratic traffic move. Speed, inattention and distraction often leads to dangerous or deadly accidents. Motorists often fail to see bikes and will pull out in front of them or turn into their path. So many motorists are oblivious to bikers and cause great harm as a result.

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that the driver of an auto is typically at fault for a motorcycle accident. When this is the case, an Illinois accident attorney will be an asset to a victim’s personal injury or wrongful death claim. Having an attorney on an accident victim’s side, will assure they get the funds they need pay their medical bills and living expenses along with damages for their emotional distress.

Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die as a result of a traffic collision and typically suffer head or spinal injuries, broken bones, and serious abrasions. They don’t have the protection of a metal shell so their injuries tend to be more catastrophic, often leaving the victim permanently disabled and unable to work again in their lives. Even temporary disability can be a huge financial burden on an accident victim, a burden they shouldn’t have to shoulder alone.

Dealing with medical bills and settlements may seem like an easy tasks but they are anything but. Accident victims face many challenges when seeking compensation; they must be able to prove who was at fault, show that person was negligent and convince and insurer or jury you deserve a generous settlement. An accident victim who enlists the expertise of a Lake County accident attorney can have confidence that pro is on their case, and will be able to relax knowing they will get the compensation they deserve.

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Phoenix, AZ Car Accidents

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July 21st, 2014    Posted in Accident News

One of the most difficult things about a car accident is its ability to disrupt your life.  The accident itself is inconvenient.  Whether you were injured in an automobile, motorcycle, or truck accident, when the accident occurred you were delayed or prevented from going to wherever you were traveling prior to the accident occurring.  Furthermore, automobile accidents almost always cause property damage and you may be without a vehicle for a significant period of time.  However, the inconvenience linked to a car accident can extend far beyond the immediate period of time following the accident.  Car accidents can cause personal injuries that result in medical bills, time away from work that causes lost wages, significant pain and suffering, and emotional damages linked to the car accident.  These damages can be more than inconvenient; they can completely disrupt one’s life, causing financial problems that can last for years after the accident.  Even more troubling is that many people do not know how to handle the legal aspects that are related to a car accident, so that just handling that creates additional stress and strain for a personal injury victim. It can be so overwhelming that many accident victims agree to settlements that cannot meet all of their future needs, simply to avoid having to deal with insurance companies or to avoid the possibility of a trial.

ArizonaCarAccident Attorneys can help you find a reputable personal injury attorney in the Phoenix area.  They offer prescreened personal injury attorneys who specialize in a variety of motor vehicle accidents, so that you can be connected with an attorney who is an expert in the type of injuries that you received.  Visit to fill out their referral form, and within 48 hours one of their qualified and prescreened attorneys will contact you about your accident or personal injury.

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El Paso, TX- Accident

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July 21st, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Living in a border city is unique and presents many benefits and many challenges to the people who live in the city, and those who commute to the city for work.  One of the biggest challenges can be dealing with a car accident if the other vehicle is not from Texas, but from New Mexico or Mexico, because of the diversity of the citizens.  If the damages from accident are large enough, it can even change the venue for a car accident.  When you factor in the large military base in the city, it can complicate insurance issues even further in an accident.  What that means is that an attorney who would be perfectly capable of handling an insurance negotiation, settlement, or personal-injury trial in another venue may not have the necessary experience to handle one in El Paso.   To be successful in El Paso, a personal injury attorney handling accident claims must be well-versed in lawsuits involving parties in different states and even different countries, as well as being well-versed in Texas personal injury law and traffic regulations.

Attorney Michael Aaronson has over four decades of experience dealing with auto accidents and personal injuries in El Paso.  He understands the legal issues that are specific to a major international and multi-state metroplex area.  He also understands the cultural blend that characterizes the El Paso area; for example, his staff is bilingual to ensure that all of his clients can have their voices heard in his office.  However, he also has a deep understanding of what auto accidents mean.  An auto accident involves property damage, potential personal injuries, and medical bills from those injuries, possible lost wages, as well as financial and emotional damages that can be secondary results of an accident.  Contact them online at or call them at 915-533-0110 to schedule your free consultation.

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