Missouri Accident Victim Takes up Fight to Change Distracted Driving Laws

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September 29th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Driving and Cell phones in California 300x168 Missouri Accident Victim Takes up Fight to Change Distracted Driving LawsSpringfield, MO- We are so attached to our cell phones that we often don’t think twice about driving and reading a text or talking  on their cell phones. When you drive around Springfield or any city or town in Missouri you’re likely to see at least one person talking on their cell phone or messing with a cell phone. Many people, who talk or text behind the wheel, have little regard for the safety of the other motorists they are sharing the road with, and the state’s current distracted driving laws are on their side. That’s something one Springfield man is trying to change.

Danny Risner, 35, knows from experience how much damage a distracted driver can do to a person. Because of driver too busy talking on her phone to notice him, Risner lost his leg and spent nearly a month in the hospital.

On September 9th, Risner and his wife were both riding on his motorcycle on their way to a meet up some other members of their motorcycle club. He told the Springfield News-Ledger he saw the woman preparing to make a left turn, and if she did she would hit him.

As a biker he’s used to being vigilant; he knows motorists don’t always notice motorcycles so he knows to pay careful attention to other motorists. Risner told the Springfield Ledger that he noticed the woman driving the SUV was talking on her phone and didn’t see him at all. She turned and collided with Risner.

Risner said he turned his bike towards the SUV to protect his wife, and he took the brunt of the impact. His wife was thrown and was scraped up, but his foot was crushed and doctors were unable to save it, the Springfield Herald reported.

Now Risner is putting his support would like to lend is support for legislation to combat distracted driving. Although distracted driving injured 412,000 Americans in 2012, according to the NHTSA, Missouri is one of the few states that doesn’t have a law banning people using their cell phones behind the wheel. Inexperienced drivers—teens—are forbidden for using hand-held devices and police are allowed to pull them over, but adults can text or talk behind the wheel.

If Risner and other safety advocates have their way, using a hand-held device would be illegal for all motorists and breaking the law helping prevent thousands of distracted driving accidents in Missouri. Risner said he along with his wife plan to start a petition they can hand over to the legislature.

Risner’s accident it prime example of how drastically a traffic accident can change a person’s life. Losing a limb is a major event and it’s costly on so many levels. There are the exorbitant medical bills, time lost from work, the possibility of becoming permanently disabled and incapable of working. Seriously injured accident victims can turn to one of our accomplished Missouri accident attorneys to stand by them and secure a generous injury claim in their behalf.

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Two Tragic Los Angeles Accidents Result in Five Teen Deaths

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September 26th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

03 08 2012 Accident Attorney News Blog Two Tragic Los Angeles Accidents Result in Five Teen Deaths Los Angeles, CA- In the past week, five teens from the Los Angeles-area, ranging in age from 16 to 19, have lost their lives in two separate accidents which both involved risky behavior. Both accidents highlight how deadly speeding and intoxicated driving can be for an inexperienced driver.

The first of the two tragedies occurred on Friday, Sept. 12, just after 2:30 a.m. According to multiple reports, the driver of a SUV, carrying five teens between the ages of ran off the road and rolled 200 feet down a hill.

Three people were pronounced dead on the scene, according to CBS Los Angeles, and two others were flown to area hospitals in unknown condition.

Police suspect intoxication and speed were likely factors in the crash, but determination cannot be made until the results of toxicology tests come back.

On the following Friday, two teens were killed after an unlicensed teen driver lost control of his vehicle, slammed into a utility pole which caused his vehicle to burst into flames.

Police suspect the 16 year-old man driving the vehicle was speeding on Grove Ave. on Ontario when he lost control, crossed over the center median and struck a traffic signal poll, CBS Los Angeles reported. After striking the pole, the car caught on fire, killing the driver and his 16 year-old female passenger.

While police are still investigating the cause of these two accidents, evidence suggests that in both cases, the drivers were at fault and are therefore liable.

It would be safe to assume that a resounding majority of motorists, regardless of their age, don’t have intentions of causing traffic accident. But when they engage in risky behaviors or take actions that put others in danger, their actions are consider negligent. Their victims have rights, one of them being the right to hold the person who caused the accident financially accountable for the injuries and property damage they caused.

Most victims find that getting the settlement they need to completely cover all of their expenses can be a monumental task. They have better chances of having a successful injury claim when they retain a Los Angeles accident attorney.

A personal injury suit or wrongful death suit has two purposes; one is to assure the victims don’t have to pay their accident related expenses out of their pocket. And, secondly, these civil suits force negligent drivers to take responsibility for the harm they cause others by holding them financially accountable.

In the aftermath of the accident, the victims and the loved ones of those who are killed need to know they have someone to turn. Our Los Angeles accident attorneys will stand by their clients’ side and aggressively advocate for their rights. Their purpose is to ensure the clients they represent get justice for the pain they have suffered. When you retain one of our top-quality accident attorneys know what it takes to get their clients an optimal injury settlement.


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Study Links Gender and Age to Certain Types of Teen Car Accidents

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September 24th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

accidents 300x199 Study Links Gender and Age to Certain Types of Teen Car Accidents St. Louis, MO- Traffic collisions are one of the leading causes of accidental death and injuries in the U.S., compelling researchers to find out why they happen and how to prevent then. This can be done by knowing who is more prone to being involved in a traffic accident.

Dangerous drivers come from all age groups and genders, but teens are notorious for risky driving. Because of their inexperience and their overconfidence, teens cause a large portion of deadly and injurious accidents. Researchers from the University of Kansas wanted to see whether the gender and age of teen drivers dictated what type of accident they would be involved in.

After analyzing data between 2007 and 2011 which focused on teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 and came up with some key findings, which can educate teens on how to be better drivers and curtail traffic accidents—the leading killer among teens, according to the CDC.

As for the women, researchers found that they were more likely to be involved in accidents on a weekday or with a pedestrian. Intersections where the most common place for a collision to take place and 66 percent of women use their seat belts.

In contrast, men were less likely to wear a seat belt and were most often involved in off-road traffic accidents, caused by speeding on rural roads. Typically, these collisions took place at night and on the weekends. And men were more likely to driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

While the women were less likely to engage in risky behaviors like intoxicated driving and speeding, they were more likely to drive on a restricted license. Only 22 percent of men drove with a restricted license.

The results of the study appeared in the late August edition of Journal of Safety Research.

All motorists, young or old, novice or expert, must avoid taking risks that put others in danger. It’s for their safety and the safety of other motorists. Using due diligence also prevents them causing a deadly or serious accident, but unfortunately so few drivers think about how their actions on the road will impact another person’s life. Failing to consider the safety of others means a risky driver will have to take legal and financial responsibility for the injuries or deaths they cause.

Injury victims and the families of the deceased shouldn’t have to struggle to pay their medical expense or have to wonder where their next paycheck is coming from. They shouldn’t have to fight with insurance companies or the at-fault driver to get the compensation they need. And they won’t have to when they retain a St. Louis accident attorney to work on their personal injury or wrongful death claim.

A Missouri accident attorney will work to obtain clear evidence of driver’s negligence and use that evidence for powerful injury claim. Our accident attorneys are dedicated to their clients and are willing to do what it takes to ensure accident victims are justly compensated.


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Death Toll in GM Ignition Switch Controversy Rises to 21

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September 23rd, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles Death Toll in GM Ignition Switch Controversy Rises to 21Baton Rouge, LA- The death toll, related to faulty ignitions switches on several small models of General Motors cars, has risen to 21 with close to three months left for accident victims to file claims.

By last Friday, known fatalities caused by the faulty ignition switches had rose from 19 the previous week to 21 last week, with possibility the death toll could continue to rise. Ken Feinberg, who heads the compensation said he has received a total of 143 complaints alleging family members were killed, 65 complaints from victims who said they suffered serious injury and over 400 complaints of moderate to minor injuries, according to the Detroit Free Press.

So far, the fund has awarded settlements to 21 families for wrongful death, to 4 individuals for serious injuries and to 12 people for minor injuries.

GM President Michelle Barra was not surprised by rise in the death toll, telling reporters Friday she anticipated the increase, and said the auto manufacturer expects more deaths to emerge as the fund continues to accept claims until December 31st.

Families who lost a loved one due to the faulty ignition switches will receive $1 million in compensation. Others will be granted compensation that reflects the extent of their injuries.

The faulty ignition switches were installed in a variety of GM vehicle models, including Chevrolet Cobalts, Saturn Ions, Pontiac G5s, Chevrolet HHRs, Pontiac Solstices and Saturn Skys. Most of the affected vehicles were manufactured between 2003 and 2007, and so far GM has recalled 2.6 million of those particular models, the Free Press reported.

The ignition switches were known to turn off the car if the motorist’s keys were rattled, causing the vehicle to lose power, which means that air bags wouldn’t work and motorists could easily lose control of their vehicles.

Even though the fix for this flaw would have only cost approximately 25 cents according to some estimates, upper management at GM refused to issue a recall—the first recall was issued in February of this year—even though they were aware of the defect going back as far as 2004. The knowingly put other peoples’ lives at risk to save money, but now they are paying for that mistake. We can only hope this will compel other auto manufactures to address faulty car parts and equipment immediately so they can avoid costly settlements like this.

By agreeing to the settlement, the injured of forfeit their right to pursue a wrongful death or personal injury suit. Victims who choose not to settle still have the option of hiring an accident attorney to file a civil suit in their behalf.

Agreeing to the first settlement you are offered is not always in an accident victim’s best interest. Before ever deciding to accept a settlement, a victim should consult with a Louisiana accident attorney to examine the details of their case and determine how much compensation they need and are entitled to for their suffering.

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Separate Oregon Accidents Result in Two Fatalities

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September 19th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Accident Lawyers 300x225 Separate Oregon Accidents Result in Two Fatalities Portland, OR- Traffic accidents are a danger we face every day, and one of the leading causes of accidental injuries and death in the U.S. Most motorists can go their whole lives without being involved in a serious or fatal accident, but not everyone is that fortunate and many lives are lost. Two recent Oregon accidents serve as examples of how easily a life can be taken in traffic collision.

On September 4th, in Portland, a woman waiting under a bus shelter on Northeast Sandy Boulevard near the intersection of 138th Avenue, was killed when she was struck by a passing motorist.

Police said the woman, who was struck, was under the shelter when a motorist lost control of her car, slamming into a TriMet bus shelter and the pedestrian before she plunged down and embankment, the Oregonian reported.

According to the Oregonian, when police arrived on the scene, the woman who was driving appeared to be suffering some sort of medical condition and the struck woman was already deceased.

In the case of this accident, it appears as though the at-fault driver was experiencing a medical problem, which means the accident was just that, an accident. But it doesn’t mean the motorist is completely absolved of responsibility and may incur some of the liability for the accident.

Retaining one our Oregon accident attorneys means you’ll have someone advocating for your rights and working to assure your don’t have to pay for another person’s mistake.

The second tragic accident occurred September 9th, in Linn County. Police say 28 year-old Ann Marie Meyers was killed when the car she was riding in was struck in an intersection. The person, driving the Honda Meyers was a passenger in, ran a stop sign on Oregon 34 and Seven Mile Lane around 7 p.m., the Oregonian reported.

A Subaru broadside the Honda on the passenger’s side where Meyers was seated, and seriously injured her. She was taken to a hospital where she later died, according to the Oregonian.

This tragedy could have been prevented had the Honda driver obeyed the stop sign. Not taking into consideration the safety of motorists and passengers is negligent and at-fault drivers should have to a pay for the pain and suffering they cause.

After an accident, the victim or their family members need to contact an Oregon accident attorney immediately. Your actions at this time can allow you to get a fair settlement or doom your injury claim. When you get expert legal advice, you can assure you don’t say or do anything that will jeopardize your injury claim.

Sometimes getting a fair settlement for your injuries or lost loved one is simple and can be handled quickly. Other times you have to fight to get the right settlement. A Portland accident attorney is willing to go the extra mile to ensure you get funds you need to cover your medical and accident-related expenses. They know the true value of your injuries and can anticipate what your future medical expenses will be so you won’t be undersold in personal injury settlement.

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