Two Accidents, One Fatal, Causes Closure of Monterey County Highway

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July 11th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Accident Victim 300x199 Two Accidents, One Fatal, Causes Closure of Monterey County HighwayMonterey County, CA- Both directions of Highway One in Monterey County were closed for a few hours following two separate accidents, one involving two fatalities.

The first accident occurred early Friday morning just before 7 a.m. near Moss Landing in the northbound lane of Highway One. According to News Channel Five, the driver of a white Hyundai sedan, traveling southbound swerved and into the path of commercial truck used to hang signs.

The Hyundai driver was ejected from the vehicle and both she and her passenger were pronounced dead on the scene. Police found an empty car seat in the wreckage but after a thorough search did not find a child. The exact cause of the accident is unknown.

As for the second accident, News Five reported that the male driver of a pickup truck slammed into a light pole,  knocking out power to the surrounding area.

The driver of the truck was not injured.

Because of the two accidents, police were forced to close both lanes of Highway One for several hours while the accidents were investigated and the debris was cleared. Highway One reopened early Friday afternoon.

In the case of the first accident, though it was a tragedy, it appears as if the driver was responsible. This could have been a worse tragedy if other vehicles were involved.

When a negligent driver cause injuries or death to another motorist or motorists, that driver can be held accountable for their negligent actions. Whether an accident is caused by intoxication, distraction or drowsiness, enlisting the services of a Monterey accident attorney will ensure accident victims have an advocate who will protect their rights and ensure they are fairly compensated.

Under California’s personal injury laws, accident victims are eligible to seek compensation for their medical costs, property damage and emotional distress. Surviving family members of accident victims can also seek compensation which will cover the medical and funeral expenses they have incurred along with damages for their loss of companionship their emotional distress.

There are a large number of California accidents that are minor, mere fender-benders that don’t cause serious injury. With a minor accident, the victims can often recover decent settlement amount for the negligent driver’s insurance company. But when an accident results in fatal or catastrophic injuries, it is always beneficial for a victim or their surviving family to contact an accident attorney immediately to ensure they are not denied the money they need to adequately cover their present and future accident-related costs.

Losing a loved in terrible accident is never easy neither is watching someone you love suffer because of another person’s reckless actions. A Monterey accident attorney understands the pain accident victims go though and will aggressively pursue any negligent party for compensation on behalf of their clients. During this troubling time, an attorney will work on building a strong injury claim so the victims and their families can focus on their recovery.


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Seattle, WA- Accidents

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July 11th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Have you or a loved one been injured in a car accident?  If so, you may be overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done in order to secure treatment now, while not jeopardizing your future interests.  You may even be feeling pressured by the other party, attorneys, insurance companies, and your own family members to make a quick settlement so that you can put the accident behind you and move forward with your life.  You may wonder if what you are being offered is actually a fair settlement and find it difficult to judge what the long-term costs of your injuries will be.

You do not have to navigate the tricky waters after an accident by yourself.  It is important to realize that a personal injury is not limited to the physical damages caused by an accident.  Some accidents can lead to permanent disabilities or death, significant medical bills, lost wages, lifelong pain or severe temporary pain, a lengthy period of rehabilitation, and a change in lifestyle.  Some experts suggest that people should not make any important decisions for a year after a significant trauma, including the death of a loved one.  In an accident scenario, delaying making judgments could prevent you from recovering in some scenarios, but the advice is based in good intentions.  The reality is that, following a traumatic event, your own judgment may be impaired and you may need the advice of someone who is one your side, but not personally involved in your dispute.

Attorney Richard McKinney has been providing the quality advocacy that accident victims in Seattle have come to rely upon over his 40 years practicing law.  He is committed to helping those who have been harmed through the negligence of another, working to ensure that victims are compensated for all of the harms suffered because of an accident, not simply for their medical bills or damaged property.

To talk to Richard and find out how his passion for helping others can work for you, please visit his website at or call him at 206-933-1605.

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Columbia, MO Bus Accident Results in a Death

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July 10th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

On an afternoon in the middle of June, a man driving a Ford Explorer crossed the center line. This resulted in him running head-on into a school bus. Not only was the 67-year old driver killed, but five others had minor injuries. Although the driver was wearing a seatbelt, he was pronounced dead within twenty minutes of the crash.


Since there were 24 students ranging from kindergarten through fifth grade on the bus, all of them were taken to a hospital to be evaluated. The bus driver was given the day off after the accident, but only sustained minor bruises and bumps.


Missouri Bus Accidents Can Have Serious Consequences


Even though it’s still a tragic accident, in this specific case, it’s quite clear that the man driving the Ford Explorer was at fault for the crash. However, not every bus accident is caused by someone driving a smaller vehicle. There are plenty of examples of city bus & public transit, commercial bus, and school bus accidents where at least one person in another vehicle is injured because of the bus driver’s negligence.


If you or a loved one are injured in a bus accident, there’s a good chance that you have a valid claim to damages. The main issue is when an accident involves a bus, there are often complex Missouri laws and regulations that apply. Here’s a quick look at some of the factors that can make these cases especially difficult:


City Bus & Public Transit: Pursuing damages in this type of case involves filing a claim against a city, governmental entity and/or the driver. Not surprisingly, governmental entities have some degree of protection that’s provided by the doctrine of sovereign immunity. That protection can also extend to a bus driver or public transit operator. That being said, there are still legal avenues for anyone injured to pursue. The key is to take prompt action and comply with all filing deadlines and requirements.


Commercial Buses: If someone riding on a commercial bus or a member of the public is injured as a result of negligent action by the bus owner or driver, the case will involve complicated regulations that can be overwhelming to someone without any experience with this area of the law.


School Bus Accidents: Not only can a school bus accident injure another driver or their passenger, but it can also result in any number of children riding on the bus being seriously injured. As with city bus & public transit cases, there’s a limited window of time in which a claim can be filed against a Missouri school board and/or the driver.


You Need an Experienced Missouri Accident Attorney to Help Navigate Your Case


Because bus accident cases generally involve a lot of detailed requirements, it’s important to get in touch with a Missouri accident attorney as soon as possible. Whether it’s for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, by not waiting to have a consultation, you will give an accident attorney time to fully evaluate your case, as well as meet the deadlines for any required filings.

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California Accident in Stolen Tesla Model S Causes Several Injuries

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July 9th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Tesla Model S on Fire 300x159 California Accident in Stolen Tesla Model S Causes Several Injuries San Diego, CA- Stock for electric car company Tesla dropped significantly this week after a severe crash involving a stolen Model S left several people injured and led to a high speed police chase through Los Angeles early Fourth of July morning.

The accident took place late last Friday night after a young man managed to steal one of the luxury cars from a dealership and take for a joyride down La Brea Avenue. After nabbing the car around midnight, the driver led police on a wild police chase with speeds topping nearly 100 mph.

Before police could apprehend the driver, he crashed into a Honda carrying five people then slammed into a pole, NBC reported. The impact with pole caused the vehicle to split in half igniting a blaze in the front half. The rear half them somehow became wedged in the entrance of a building.

“I have never seen half of a car wedged into a building before,” said Sheriff’s Lt. Michael White told NBC.

Two of the people in the Honda suffered serious injuries and the driver who stole the vehicle is in critical condition.

The car thief also struck several other vehicles while trying to evade police

In the case of this accident, the only party who is liable is the young man decided to steal it and take it on a joyride. When you have suffered serious injuries as a result of a reckless motorist, then it may be in your best interest to speak with California accident attorney to discuss the options for seeking compensation.

This latest accident has called into question the safety of a Tesla’s electric vehicles, but despite skepticism form those who prefer gas-guzzling environmentally unfriendly vehicles. Out of a 30,000 vehicle fleet there has been four major fires for the Model S. Two of the vehicles caught on fire after striking road debris, but Tesla corrected the issue by place an under guard on their vehicles.

Because cars, electric, hybrid, gasoline or diesel, all involve a variety flammable material and liquids, the chances of a fire erupting when the vehicle is involved in an accident.  In most cases, the vehicle manufacturer is not liable for a vehicle fire since it was ultimately caused by the negligent actions of a motorist. According to data from the U.S. Fire Administration, between 2008 and 2010, there have been a total of 65,000 car fires, causing over 300 deaths, the Wall Street Journal reported. The agency says the majority of fires are caused by electrical wiring and tire or engine malfunctions.

A car accident involving serious injuries or a death is a terrifying event in a person’s life. Accident victims or surviving family members may not know where to turn in the aftermath of a devastating accident. They may not know what to do next and have no idea how they are going to cover their medical costs and living expenses. All of an accident victim’s concerns can be addressed when they meet with a San Diego accident attorney.

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Four People Injured After Roller Coaster Derails in California

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July 8th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Ninja Rollercoaster 300x225 Four People Injured After Roller Coaster Derails in California Los Angeles, CA- It’s summertime so that means it’s time for people to go on vacation and possibly hit an amusement park or two. Unfortunately, for some attendees of Six Flags in Los Angeles County, a trip to the amusement park turned into a harrowing adventure as popular roller coaster derailed, leaving riders stranded for a few hours.

On Monday evening, a large tree limb fell onto the tracks of the Ninja roller coaster, causing the front car of the ride to derail and leaving its occupants dangling precariously above the ground 20 feet below.  All riders were stuck on the track in the cars for nearly three hours before they could be rescued. By late Monday night, everyone on the ride was rescued.

Four people were injured and as a precaution, two victims were taken to the hospital for treatment. The nature of their injuries are not known.

One witness explained to KTLA that she heard “leaf noises” and then “cracking noises and a lot of screaming.”

As with any accident of this nature, it is pertinent for the victim to determine who is at fault for their injuries or loss of a loved one. Accident victims in the Los Angeles area should contact the outstanding personal injury attorneys at The Accident Attorney’s Group to set up a consultation and determine if they will benefit from a formal injury suit.

This was a mild accident considering some of the more shocking incidents at amusements parks in recent years. Last summer, a woman riding a roller coaster at the Six Flags in the Dallas area died after she fell several stories from the car where she was improperly buckled in and landed on the ground.

Amusement park accidents are not in way as common as traffic accidents, but when they do occur they can have tragic consequences like the last year’s accident in Texas. Witnesses said that the victim in this incident was concerned about her safety before the ride took off, but the ride attendant seemed unconcerned and didn’t bother to ensure she was secure.

According to 2011 data from International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, there were only 4.5 injuries or deaths per 1 million amusement park attendees, which shows roller coasters and other thrill rides are significantly safer than driving, cycling or simply walking down the road. The IAAPA estimates that a person’s chances of being seriously injured in an amusement park in the U.S. is 1 in 24 million.

In some cases, the cause of a deadly or injurious accident is pretty straight forward, but that isn’t always the case. Showing fault can be a difficult to do unless an injury victim has an expert injury attorney on their side, working their case. Whether you need help with getting a settlement from an insurance company or want to pursue your injury claim in court, you need a team of accomplished accident attorneys on your side. When you want to have a successful Los Angeles injury claim, you need to contact the Accident Attorney’s Group immediately.

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