Oregon Accidents Leave Four People Dead, Including Three Members of One Family

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October 24th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Head on Collision Oregon Accidents Leave Four People Dead, Including Three Members of One FamilyClackamas County, OR- This has been a deadly week on the roadways in Oregon as four people died in separate head-on crashes in the state. One of those caused major traffic back-ups on I-5 near Albany and left all northbound lanes blocked.

The first accident occurred Saturday morning and left three members of an Oregon family dead after their vehicle were killed this week when their vehicle went out of control and was hit head-on.

According to the Oregonian, Fred Fefelov, 34, Tiffany Fefelov, 27, and Mila Fefelov, 7 months were traveling in the eastbound lanes of Highway 20 around 10 a.m. when the crash occurred. The Fefelovs had a son who they left in the care of a relative.

Oregon State Police said Tiffany was behind the wheel of the families Dodge sedan when she lost control of the vehicle and veered in oncoming traffic. After crossing over into the west-bound lanes, the vehicle was struck head-on by a SUV hauling a trailer.

All three of the Fefelov’s were killed. The occupants of the SUV were not injured.

Police suspect Tiffany lost control because of wet road conditions, the Oregonian reported.

The Fefelovs were heading to a married couples retreat hosted by their church, the Portland International Christian Church. Retreat attendees were concerned about the couple when they failed to show up. Pastor Ricky Challinor said several people tried to call the couple only to learn of the accident later that day.

The second fatal head-on accident, involving multiple vehicles including a tractor-trailer, occurred on Thursday morning around 10:30, along Interstate 5 near Albany, and caused a major traffic back-up.

The Oregonian reported that the driver of a vehicle, who was traveling in the north bound lanes, lost control, crashed into a building, and careened across the center median into southbound lanes. The out-of-control car struck an oncoming tractor-trailer, causing it to cross over the center median into the northbound lanes. The truck jackknifed and blocked all northbound lanes.

The car finally came to rest in the center median. The driver was pronounced dead on the scene.

The tractor-trailer driver was injured and was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Wet road conditions also appear to have played a role in this accident as well, though police have not determined the cause.

When road conditions are poor, it can be impossible for a driver to avoid an accident. Wet roads can easily make a person lose control of their vehicle even if they are taking every precaution, and traveling at a safe speed.

But there are many drivers who don’t take into account the roads conditions and engage in risky driving behaviors such a speeding. In these cases, the driver can be held accountable for harming another motorist. Accident have the right to pursue that a negligent driver for expenses they incur and emotional distress they suffer. With the help of an Oregon accident attorney, these victims can have confidence they will receive the most generous settlement possible.

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NHTSA Amends Massive Recall of Exploding Air Bags

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October 23rd, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Gavel and Scales of Justice 300x200 NHTSA Amends Massive Recall of Exploding Air BagsAtlanta, GA- Air bags are supposed protect motorists from suffering serious injuries in the event of an accident, but the NHTSA says air bags manufactured by Takata are defective and have issued a massive recall.

The recall was issued for at least 7.8 million vehicles in the U.S., adding to the over 4 million included in recall from earlier this week, but the NHTSA could add more to the recall as they continue their investigation.

In issuing their recall, the NHTSA urged motorists to have their air bags, included in cars by ten auto manufacturers, fixed as soon as possible because they place a threat to the safety of front- seat passengers, USA Today reported. Repairing in air bags is especially important for motorists living in hot humid climates such as Georgia or Florida.

According to the NHTSA, propellant used in the air bags can cause the bags to over inflate and possibly spray shrapnel into the faces and torsos of vehicle occupants. The federal agency is also looking into whether air bags manufactured between 2000 and 2007 were sealed properly.

Safety Advocates say the defective air bags have caused four fatalities, two of which were confirmed by Honda, the other two have not been confirmed, according to USA Today. The Huffington Post reported that several lawsuits have been filed because of the defective air bags.

Vehicle owners can check the recall pages of the auto manufacturer’s website to see if the recall applies to them. This is a list of affected auto makers: Toyota, Honda, Mazda Motor Corp, BMW AG, Nissan Motor Co Ltd, Mitsubishi Motors Corp, Subaru Co Ltd, Chrysler, Ford Motor Co and General Motors Co.

In total, 16 million vehicles worldwide have been recalled because of defective air bags since 2008, according to Reuters.

Auto makers and parts manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure motorists are not harmed by defective parts or faulty designs. Any defect can cause a vehicle to malfunction and put a driver, their passengers and other motorists at risk of being involved in a catastrophic accident. Accidents resulting for a defective car can lead to serious injuries including burns, broken bones, brain or spinal cord injuries and other debilitating injuries. In the worst cases, faulty vehicles can also cause death.

An auto or parts manufacturer can he held liable if a defective or faulty part or vehicle causes injuries or death. Proving this can be tricky unless a recall, like the one issued against Takata, has been issued. In order to determine if an accident was caused by a defective vehicle or part, an accident victim must consult with a Georgia accident attorney immediately.

After an accident, the victims or those who have lost a loved one have many things to worry about. It is important they focus on healing, but it is very difficult for them to ignore or forget about the bills they are facing. With the representation of a gifted Georgia accident attorney, they no longer have to worry about how they are going to cover their accident-related expenses.

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New Jersey Man Dies in One-car Accident on Turnpike

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October 22nd, 2014    Posted in Accident News

accident1 300x225 New Jersey Man Dies in One car Accident on Turnpike Camden County, NJ- One young man was injured and his passenger was killed after an accident on the New Jersey Turnpike early Sunday morning.

Multiple reports state that the accident occurred just after 4 a.m. near Woodbridge in the southbound truck lanes. Carlos Aguirre, 24, was driving a Volkswagen Jetta when he slammed into the rear of a tractor–trailer.

Aguirre’s passenger Edgar Galvez, 25, was pronounced dead at the scene. His cause of death was blunt force trauma, according to NJ.com.

Aguirre was also injured and flown to a local hospital for treatment.

Police later discovered Aguirre was intoxicated at the time of the accident and have charged him with death by auto and driving while intoxicated, NJ.com reported.

The investigation is ongoing.

This accident is a glaring example of the devastation drunken driving can have, and sadly accidents like these play out every day in the U.S.  It one of the leading causes of fatal accidents throughout New Jersey and the nation as a whole accounting for a third of all traffic deaths.

Drunken drivers cause such destructive accidents because they tend to engage in risky driving behaviors that other drivers don’t. Alcohol gives people a false sense of confidence so they are willing to take risks with little regard of how their actions will affect others.

While drunken drivers who cause injury of death to others will face criminal consequences, this is a small consolation for the victims and their families who have to grapple with their grief and take on costly bills. The last thing a grieving family needs is the crushing burden of medical bills and funeral expenses.

Fortunately, the families of fatal accident victims have a course of action they can pursue to recoup their financial losses by filing a wrongful death suit.

A wrongful death suit is a civil suit, in which the plaintiff’s (the deceased’s family members) allege that their loved ones death was unnecessary and the cause of another person’s carelessness or negligence. Drunken driving definitely falls meets those standards of negligence and can be easily proved by an accident attorney.

Individuals filing a wrongful death can seek a damages for their emotional distress and compensation for the bills they incur. Surviving family members are often granted compensation pay their medical bills, funeral expenses, property repair or replacement costs and lost wage. Spouses and children are also eligible for their emotional distress, their loss of companionship and protection. Parents are allowed to seek compensation for their suffering caused by their child’s untimely death. If the deceased was the primary breadwinner in a family, their loved ones can also pursue that driver for their loss of financial support.

A wrongful death settlement can replace the loss a person experiences when they lose a loved one, but it can offer them some relief from the financial burdens they are shouldering. If you have lost a loved one because of a drunken or negligent driver, a Camden County accident attorney will build a fool-proof injury claim to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

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Ten Year-old Boy Killed in Alleged Drunk Driving Accident

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October 20th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

accident4 300x245 Ten Year old Boy Killed in Alleged Drunk Driving AccidentAnaheim, CA- An Anaheim man is facing felony DUI charges after causing an accident that led to the death of an 11 year-old boy and injured five members of his family.

Police say 41 year-old Gary S. Hunt was intoxicated when he crashed his black pick-up truck into the rear of a Toyota Camry, carrying five members of a local family, as they were sitting at an intersection in Anaheim.

The impact of the crash demolished the trunk of the Camry and sent the vehicle into an intersection where it was broadsided by another vehicle.

Two girls and one boy were in the backseat of the car and, unfortunately, the boy later identified as Rafael Ramirez age 11 suffered life-threatening injuries. He was flown to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The two girls, one of which was an infant suffered critical injuries, but are expected to recover. The mother and father also suffered minor injuries.

Two occupants of another vehicle involved in the accident also suffered minor to moderate injuries.

According to NBC News, the family had just left a local restaurant and were heading home after they spent the day attending a festival.

One witness told NBC that Hunt got out of his truck and tried to blend in with crowd gathering around the accident scene.

Police have charged him with felony DUI but said he may face additional charges.

The accident is still under investigation.

Losing a loved one, especially at such a tender age, is one of the most trouble events a family must endure. Their pain is amplified by the fact that the loss of their loved one could have been prevented. Not only do accident victims have to deal with the grief of losing someone they love, but they are also left to grapple with the cost associated with an injurious or deadly accident.

Accident victims and those who have lost a loved rightfully expect the at-fault driver to cover their medical, funeral and property replacement costs. But this can be a challenge without having a California accident attorney fighting for them. Oftentimes, these victims are asked accept smaller settlements than they deserve because they don’t know how much they need for their current and long-term medical costs. Some injuries can cause temporary or permanent disability and require intensive rehabilitation.

The costs of an accident can total up quickly, leaving a family struggling under crushing medical debt. The good news is that accident victims don’t have shoulder those financial burdens alone. As an accident victim, you have a right to fair compensation for your injuries and property damage. The at-fault party’s insurance company will approach you early on so they can settle the matter and move one. But you won’t know if the settlement you are being offered is enough to cover all of their expenses unless you consult with a California accident attorney before you speak with anyone else.

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Atlanta Accident News: Gov. Deal Staffer Dies in Rollover Crash, Wrong-way Collision Kills Two

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October 17th, 2014    Posted in Accident News

Head on Crash 300x199 Atlanta Accident News: Gov. Deal Staffer Dies in Rollover Crash, Wrong way Collision Kills TwoFulton County, GA- Two separate accidents occurring this week in the Atlanta area left three people dead, including a member of Governor Deal’s campaign staff.

On Tuesday, Maret “Mack” Burgess was involved in a two car accident on GA 400 just after 1:00 a.m. Details about the cause of the accident have not been reported, but police said Burgess suffered serious injuries as a result of a roll-over accident and was flown to a local hospital where he later died, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.  

Burgess was a field staffer for Governor deals re-election campaign and member of the state Republican Party. His mother is Missy Burgess, half of Atlanta-based Banks and Shane.

After hearing the news of Burgess’ death, Gov. Deal decided to suspend his campaign for a few days to allow his staff to mourn the 25 year-old man’s passing.

“Mack was an incredible young man, smart, hard-working, with a bright future ahead of him,” Deal said. “This is a terrible loss for everyone in our organization and for anyone who knew him. We are going to take some time to grieve and pay our respects to Mack and to the Burgess family.

On Friday another accident in I-75 resulted in the deaths of two women and tied up the southbound lanes for several hours.

That accident occurred just after 1:30 a.m. when a motorist driving the wrong-way hit another vehicle head-on.

Police said 51 year-old Sherry Williams of Atlanta was traveling northbound in the southbound lanes of 1-75 in Henry County when she struck a southbound Mitsubishi.

The driver of the Mitsubishi, 23 year-old Christina Rearley of Palmetto, Fla., was pronounced dead on the scene, according to the Journal-Constitution. Two of Rearly’s passengers a 15-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl were both injured and taken to Eggleston Children’s Hospital.

Williams survived the initial impact, but died after arriving at Atlanta Medical Center.

Police are still investigating this particular accident, and aren’t sure why Williams entered the interstate going the wrong way. Many wrong-way crashes are simple mistakes on the behalf of the at-fault driver, it may be a tragic mistake but not as serious as the other leading cause of wrong-way accidents, which is intoxicated driving.

In a study by the California Department of Transportation, researchers found that intoxicated drivers were involved in 59.4% of all wrong-way crashes, and a staggering 76.8% of fatal wrong-way crashes in the state between 1983 and 1987.

Wrong-way crashes have a higher fatality rate and cause more severe injuries than other types of car accidents. A Virginia study found that wrong-way crashes are 27 percent more likely to cause fatal injuries.  Even victims who are fortunate enough to survive, they will suffer catastrophic injuries that can change their entire lives.

If you have been injured or lost a loved in wrong-way crash, the Atlanta accident attorneys at Adkins Law Firm will advocate for your rights and see that you get full and fair compensation for the injuries you suffered and your emotional distress.

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